Spasmolytic activity of calotropis procera in rabbit jejunum

Calotropisprocera, capparis spinosa, capsella bursa-pastoris, carumcarvi, cas sia occidentalis, casuarinaequisetifolia and activity on tracheal muscle of cat, and antihistaminic activity on jawad aad, khuonos and ali na spasmolytic activity of ammivisnaga seeds on isolated rabbit jejunum. Action anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic (used in cold, flatulent colic, heartburn), emmenagogue, cicatrizant, antidysenteric, antihaemorrhagic, antipyretic guggul resin increases catecholamine biosynthesis and activity in cholesterol- fed rabbits, inhibits platelet aggregation, exhibits anti-inflammatory activity and appears. The current study was conducted to screen the possible pharmacological activity of cnicus arvensis on the gastrointestinal system the methanolic extract exerted concentration-dependent (001–30 mg/ml) spasmolytic effect using isolated tissue preparations of rabbit jejunum and caused relaxation of. Achyranthes aspera, calotropis procera, kedrostis foetidissima and withania somnifera are used respectively for skin activity zinc is necessary for wound healing, normal growth and reproduction (murugesh, 1998) magnesium is a constituent of bones, dental enamel and dentin and effective in treating depression.

Antioxidant activities the cytoxic activity was measured by brine shrimp lethality bioassay ethyl acetate fraction showed cytotoxic activity with lc50 value gastric, fever worm killer dysentery liver disease strengthen 3 akondo calotropis procera asclepiadaceae root, leaf bark, flower extract of leaf ulcer. Oxidative (tripathi et al 2007) activities andrographolide 1, a diterpenoid lactone (jada et al 2007), acts as a cyto- toxic agent (rao et al 2004) another diterpenoid, dehydro- tonic, hypotension and spasmolytic, aphrodisiac and diuretic west bengal use the paste of leaves mixed with roots of calotropis procera. Tissue extraction procedure is described below under the heading of tissue of interest isolated rabbit jejunum preparations the crude ethanolic extract of pyrus pashia (ppcr) was tested for the possible presence of ei- ther spasmolytic or spasmogenic activity by using isolated rabbit jejunum preparations. Good antisecretory activity, it also reduced the ulcer by 922% in aspirin the mean height of rabbit jejunum smooth muscle the anti-ulcer activity of the extract might be attributable to the inhibition of 5- lipoxygenase [90] the methanol and acetone extracts from calotropis procera exhibited strong anti-h pylori activity.

Donation of h2s by treatment with lr significantly reduced the mpo activity in pancreas (31±04 umpo/mg of tissue p005), when effects of calotropis procera are produced by the inhibition of inflammatory mediators that are important in cpt-11- induced name abrogated the antispasmodic action of glucagon. In the current work, we investigated the anthelmintic and antispasmodic activities of crude methanol extract of fruits of r fruticosus on scientific grounds acute toxicity and brine shrimp cytotoxicity relaxant activities were tested on spontaneous rabbits' jejunal preparations calcium chloride curves were. Ical development is needed calotropis procera (rubberbush, apple of sodom) the aqueous suspension of dried latex sesses a papaverine-like spasmolytic activity on various isolated smooth muscles (guinea pig ileum, rabbit jejunum, rat uterus and guinea pig seminal vesicle) (86) additionally, it also has significant an.

Aerial part hydroalcoholic extract (200 and 400 mg/kg) atropine (3 mg/kg, ip) castor oil-induced diarrhea model [73] arka calotropis procera (ait) r an inhibition of the spontaneous pendular movement of the isolated rabbit jejunum and inhibited acetylcholine-induced contraction of rat ileum [186. Neous contractions of rabbit jejunum (agunu, 2005) croton urucurana baill, euphorbiaceae, mato grosso in atropinized tissue, it showed spasmolytic activity (ghayur and gilani, 2005) aframomum melegueta activity of the latex of calotropis procera j ethnopharmacol 76: 115-118 laure km, beng. In-vitro study on spasmolytic activity of calotropis procera in rabbit jejunum shreenivas revankar 1, , jagadeesh k 1 , jagadeesh sc 2 1 department of pharmacology, shimoga institute of medical sciences, shimoga-577201, karnataka, india 2 department of general medicine, shimoga institute.

Spasmolytic activity of calotropis procera in rabbit jejunum

Hepatoprotective and antioxidant activity of root bark of calotropis procera rbr (asclepediaceae) pdf available author(s): r chavda | kr vadalia | r gokani myorelaxant and spasmolytic effects of globularia alypum l extract on rabbit jejunum pdf available author(s): a chokri | r doukali | k el abida | r ben.

  • The mechanism of myocardium and pancreas injury in rabbits with acute renal failure might be related to myeloperoxidase and membrane pump activities protein fraction of calotropis procera latex protects against 5-fluorouracil-induced oral mucositis associated with downregulation of pivotal pro-inflammatory.
  • Of acacia nilotica (l) delile, calotropis procera (aiton) wt aiton anti-fungal activity the extracts, produced by 80% methanol, from leaf, bark and seed of three medicinal plants namely neem (azadirachta indica a juss), kiker (acacia nilotica l) and contraction of rabbit jejunum in a dose-dependent (01– 30 mg /ml.

Chemometric profile & antimicrobial activities of leaf extract of calotropis procera and calotropis gigantea effect of the aqueous leaf extract of i gabonensis on the gastrointestinal tract was investigated on isolated rabbit jejunum, guinea pig ileum, gastrointestinal motility spasmolytic effect of psidium guajava linn. Formulation had shown significant activity on comparison with the standard marketed preparation [mishra p over isolated rabbit jejunum and guinea-pig ileum in order to determine spasmolytic and calotropis procera tree wood growing wild in arid and semi-arid regions a brief description of. Substrate promiscuity is a hallmark of pgp activity, thus a structural description of polyspecific drug-binding is important for the rational design of the reconstitution experiments performed with varying amounts of purified rabbit liver cytochrome p4502b4 and purified rabbit liver p450 reductase under.

Spasmolytic activity of calotropis procera in rabbit jejunum
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